If a person flipped through the pages of a fashion book covering the fashions of different ages and eras and laid it like a shadow over history’s timeline, it would show that clothing and art are the visual representation of the ripples of each events that moves through our collective pasts.

By looking at the fashion movements that are fresh today, perhaps we can help move our world to a better future.  Each artist shares their vision in a different way.  Whether it is print art, fabrics, fashions, sculpture, cinema or the spoken word, they all provide a picture of our world.

With the advent of computer, cable and mobiles, artists have an international forum. Over 630,000 viewers tuned in to watch New York Fashion Week.  As part of the Creators Project, a digital public platform for artists who use technology in innovative ways.  One such project is the “Moon” created by artists Olafur Eliasson and Ai WeiWei.  It the first open shared artwork. Anyone can access the “Moon” to add their own drawings and writings.  Tens of thousands of people ;have been marking the surface of the “Moon.”  This project was conceived when artists were brought together by the Falling Walls science and design conference.  The “Moon” illustrate how art can be used to make a social comment.  Ai Weiwei lives in China.  China refused to let him leave the country for the collaboration, so it had to be developed online.  The site has been banned repeatedly in China, but art is a voice that will be heard.

It is my hope that by looking at what is fresh today, we can think more about what we want tomorrow to look like.

Please feel free to leave any comments or ideas as you read my articles.  I apologize in advance for any errors you may find.  I am just an amateur observer who wants to share her ideas.



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